365 Project - Day 16 - Namaste

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    I have to say as "enlightened" as someone like myself tries to be, I am prone to as many irrational securities as anyone else. This challenge has really been tough on my self image from a couple of perspectives. First of all, I have never been comfortable with my appearance and seeing all the other people's posts - every one of each is more attractive than me - well - it's not fun. I understand (well, sorta understand) the point of a self portrait is not to produce model-like pictures, but to show the inner self. Still, I guess I can be as superficial as anyone sometimes.

    Secondly, I don't think this mode of photography is my forte - which I suppose is quite the point of undertaking a challenge like this - to improve and spark creativity. I also feel petty as my self portraits have not seemed to capture much interest. On the same token, maybe I just don't work hard enough at them to deserve much attention.I tend to take the pictures I feel I am "good" at and not try others - a behavior that becomes a vicious cycle. In my rational moments I understand the point of these challenges is to push oneself out of one's comfort zone to spur creativity and growth.

    So today's pic - which I kinda like - is meant to remind myself to undergo this challenge, like any other activity, with mindfulness - to observe these thoughts and let them go - and to embrace myself.

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    1. zenmasterlauren 81 months ago | reply

      perfect!!!!!!!! this fits so well with Zen Fridays and I think you executed it very nicely!!!! HZF!

      Seen in the group"Happy Zen Friday" (?)

    2. mike_zellers 81 months ago | reply

      thanks - i also think - keeping in the spirit of zen art - nothing is perfect - notice how one pinky is too straight or the other too bent - the result i am sure of some old injury

    3. Bearded Jon 81 months ago | reply

      I like the peaceful expression of this image as well as your spot on commentary. Having completed 365 Days I know exactly where you're coming from and a little about where you're headed.

    4. ukimmeru 81 months ago | reply

      Sixteen days in and you are already growing. I like this picture and I like seeing your stream. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this project -- it is challenging and does push us in ways that sometimes are uncomfortable. Keep up the good work and keep pushing those boundaries. :-)

    5. mike_zellers 81 months ago | reply

      thanks all for the kind words - esp. thanks to ukimmeru for the extra encouragement!

    6. h0lly_w00d 81 months ago | reply

      what a genius shot!

    7. mike_zellers 81 months ago | reply

      smiles - thank you holly - just put it on the home page of my website - grew on me..

    8. katherinemuchadoo 81 months ago | reply

      This actually reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist - that's how Ed transmutes things, by clapping his hands together like that. A focus of all the power.
      It's great in black and white - I love it.

    9. mike_zellers 81 months ago | reply

      interesting, thepipeople. for me, this is the namaste gesture, which essentially says "i bow to the divinity in you" - of course i can see given that this gesture comes from the heart, the energy it could evoke.

    10. I have moved :) 80 months ago | reply

      awesome!!!!!! love the simplicity of this shot!

    11. mike_zellers 80 months ago | reply

      thanks Little Woman Big Lens - actually use it as the photo on my website homepage - was pleasantly surprised

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