Occupy Ottawa's Urban Protest Camp - 15 10 11 - 22 11 11
The Occupy Wall Street movement . . .
. . . has come to Ottawa. The Occupy movement came to Ottawa's Confederation Park on October 15th and look like they will be here for a while yet. Winter's coming and it will soon get mighty cold to be camping outdoors without power or water.

I visited a few times and took some pictures. My guess is that there were about 45-50 tents set up in this centretown park. The National Capital Comission (NCC) owned the land and the NCC posted eviction notices on all tents and structures on November 21st urging protestors to clear out of onfederation Park by midnight. A handful of protestors remained vowing to stay on despite the eviction notices. Police have yet to respond. Until this point the protest has been peaceful.

The actual tent city is not quite as colourful as it appears here. I confess a strong editing preference for bold, vivid colours.

Why am I here? The answer follows: www.adbusters.org/blogs/adbusters-blog/occupywallstreet.html

On the origins of the Occupy Movement world-wide:

See this interesting video about the original "Occupy Wall Street" NYC campaign HERE:

Why are they all protesting? I heard it described as proving that "money was NOT worth more than human life."

More answers HERE: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupy_movement
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