Kenneth Cole

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    Walking around SOMA, we find this little gem. Stay classy Kenneth Cole.

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    1. fixedgear 51 months ago | reply

      Real, and brilliant.

    2. edrabbit 51 months ago | reply

      Definitely not photoshop. I stopped by on my way to work to check it out and it was still there at 10:30 this morning:

    3. mikest 51 months ago | reply

      @AlsoEdGlenn your faith in my mad projection skills is flattering, but i assure you i just used a camera :)

    4. mikest 51 months ago | reply

      @edrabbit someone is damn good at this photoshop thing! :p i'm gonna have to go with @iwearyourshirt, seems like the most plausible based on what we saw.

    5. rachelbinx 51 months ago | reply

      p.s. this is a store in SF, not NYC

    6. tugwilson 51 months ago | reply

      Looking at [edrabbit] iPhone photo it would appear that the thing is stuck on the front of the window. You can just see the line that the top and the bottom edges make. It also seems to have some air trapped behind it which wouldn't have happened if it had been applied professionally.

      Mind you, Cole deserves all he gets for this.

    7. WeaponII 51 months ago | reply

      I just want this in a Black and White poster.

    8. Hugger Industries 51 months ago | reply

      @mikest want to talk this more on bikehugger. Will email.

    9. Sean Robertson 51 months ago | reply

      This is one of the most awesome guerrilla campaigns I've ever seen. Hilarious. Really hope they do this in NYC and other places as well.

    10. Hugger Industries 51 months ago | reply

      To the photoshopped opinions, how you like it now!

    11. Hugger Industries 51 months ago | reply

      @ It's comforting to know that Owyang is on the case with the Dragnet-style questions, "Just the facts m'am."

    12. Stealfocus 51 months ago | reply

      I appreciate that you dig deeper Jeremiah! Cheers.

    13. tangmy 51 months ago | reply

      The bad joke...

    14. richardthelandlord 51 months ago | reply

      And I thought *I* was sarcastic...

      Throwing that back at them was a real zinger... nice work by whoever it was. :-)

    15. Hugger Industries 51 months ago | reply

      It works on many levels, including hijacking the story from KC (as he attempted to do with the hash tag), and inserting themselves into the new cycle as KC did too. Most interesting was the initial "photoshopped faked" response in comments and on a few blogs, before it was "verified" by bloggers. As if those they did it cared if it was vetted.

      The decal itself is a whole new level of consumer uprising, which should have social media experts writing a thousand blog posts striking fear in CEOs everywhere with words like, "FAIL or the Wrath of Twitter or Wakeup Call!" A street art response to cynical marketing. It's a counter balance to faux street art efforts over the past few years and probably the best diss I can recall, if not ever.

    16. jeremiah_owyang 51 months ago | reply

      Excellent Hugger, excellent.

    17. jeremiah_owyang 51 months ago | reply

      Thanks, we should never take anything at face value.

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