Elemental Series
Series made using fundamental, natural chemical elements. More below...

Natural elements and compounds are collected at the site of the picture - usually at the location depicted within the photograph. The depicted scenes you see here are created not just by light on film but by collecting samples of naturally occurring water, mineral elements and organic matter from the scene and chemically bonding to the film over several months, the resulting images created from the scene pictured, itself.

Echoing ancient alchemical methodologies, the process of production of the images and their resulting mystical appearance together reflect the ups and downs of the search undertaken by an artist to understand his and more widely, humankind's own, spiritual nature.

No collating or cutting and pasting of external or internal elements into the picture in Photoshop or similar editor has taken place.

This series also includes preparatory studies and thematically associated sketches that feed into the series, including chemical painting studies on copper coated paper.

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