A bill for back child support

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    At classes L124 and 193 at vimeo.com/96548839 I mention this bill of $346,813.75 for back child support. Then I realized that nobody would believe this could even happen in United States so I took a picture of it to prove it.

    I just got sign to help me believe this because when I said "Enjoy the miracle of it being halfway decent in the daylight" my refrigerator quit (rq) at 1030am 5-27-14. The #1030 means "it's time for a reality check". I hope it was implying:
    AND "enjoy the miracle of it being halfway decent in the daylight" is when all the guys find out what they are going to be in for after you've had a divorce with kids and can't make your child support payments anymore. I think the damn devil might even have more mercy on guys than this law does, hence the thumbnail and the title of class 193 vimeo.com/96548839 is: TIPPING POINT and

    193 is YOU TIPPED^ YOUR^ HAND^ GIRLS^ WITH THIS MEAN AS HELL LAW AGAINST DEADBEAT DADS. Then the prayer that protected me from them.

    At the picture of the Cape Cod Canal here at Flickr I explain and show many proofs that it was actually the wrath of God against the state of Massachusetts at www.flickr.com/photos/mikeoversonendtimesorg_or_com/14120....
    I also say it was probably due to the founding fathers of Massachusetts who seemed to write the book on “being fair” when they started the American Revolution.

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