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This Palestinian or Israeli Arab was unable to show identification when asked. As a result he was dragged across the floor and cuffed before being shoved into a police car and driven away. There was no need whatsoever for the brutality that the police displayed.

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  • self timer 9y

    mike you just looking for excuses
  • mike marcus 9y

    Daniella, I am not making excuses. I am saying clearly that I dont have the confidence :)
  • self timer 9y

    it's ok but really you have nothing to loose- that's what Im doing all the time- sending stuff to places I would never be exepted...I have nothing to loose and I don't fucking care :)
  • IndyFoto 9y

    Magnum is impossible- you have to be a professional and an accepted member- BUT you can always start by contacting your local newspapers and magazines. Or you can self-publish on - which is seen by a lot of people across the world and is an ethical organization.
  • mike marcus 9y

    I guess I wnat to find out if there is a future (financially) for me as a photojournalist. To do this, I need to know how to sell photographs.
  • Alan PRO 9y

    Remember, the terrific photo was seen by a lot of members on Flickr. That's satisfaction enough. There is tremendous interation with other photographers who prefer the Flickr format. I will stick with it. Could you have lightened up the photo a bit in a PC program?
  • mike marcus 9y

    I think you missed the point Alon. I want to do photojournalism because it is a job. IE it pays money.

    What about a Mac program. Can I use one of those too?
  • Alan PRO 9y

    Then I suppose you must listen to the advice of people who've seen your photo. I have no monetary desires concerning my photos.

    I use AC-DSee on my PC to crop, sharpen and balance light and shadows. I can't speak for Mac but I would assume they have a similar program.
  • mike marcus 9y

    I use Apature, Photoshop, Lightroom, Flame, Shake, Nuke, Final touch, speedgrade, Illusion, Toxik and Combustion on Linux, Windows, Unix and MacOS platforms for my color correction.

    If i can give you a word of advice, never use sharpen. there are a number of sharpen algorithms and all of them ruin your image.
  • Alan PRO 9y

    Please advise how sharpen ruins the image. Thanks
  • mike marcus 9y

    life is infinately complex. A digital image capures a finite amount of that infinate complexity. You cant add information that wasnt there to begin with. "sharpen" filters all work by selectively increasing the contrast of tonal edges either by using an algorithm known as a convoution kernal or by using an old darkroom technique known as unsharp mask. Either way. You are not recreating information, you are simply changing the tonal values of the pixels within the image and therefore loosing some of the information that was there to start with. I wouldnt bother, work on your understanding of autofocus and depth of field instead.
  • Alan PRO 9y

    Thanks, Mike, for your learned explanation of Sharpen. Unsharp mask is another function I use when contrast is low. But I don't remember learning about that technique in the dark room when I use to develop and print from film.

    I understand depth of field and how it works in conjuction with lens' openings. Since point and shoot uses autofocus I have no control over focus. If, as you say, I am losing some of the information that was there to start with, I feel sharpen is worth it if the function can improve the quality of the photo's image quality.

    Thanks very much for the explanation.
  • mike marcus 9y

    I use autofocus and I have control over what is in and out of focus.
  • Fatimah . 9y

    Autofocus! Cheaterrrrrrrr! :(
  • Alan PRO 9y

    Do you have autofocus and manual, as well?
  • mike marcus 9y

    I can switch my camera to manual focus and depending on the lens I am using it is doable, however there is no split focus screen on an autofocus camera (unless you buy a really expensive one with replaicable screens) so there isnt much point in doing it.

    Autofocus is WAY better anyway but you have to know how to use it if you want to be in control.
  • Hamed Saber 9y

    What a great photojournalistic shot!
    Made me sad the description... :(

    About recent discussion, I do agree with you, in such a real scenes, the manual focus won't work either. We are in new age of cameras, autofocus can be fully under control ;)

    Seen in your anti war demo set. (?)
  • Alan PRO 9y

    I think auto is great in situations like this. No time for thinking. I would manually set the flash beforehand to reduce shadows. I have a new Canon camera with multiple focus. As I hold the button halfway, the camera focuses on different surfaces and I choose the best one as I move around the subject. Yes Hamed, it's a new age of cameras. Hats off to point and shoot technology.
  • Nikki Collett 9y

    True...there is so much reality in this photo...a reality I myself have seen...but not lived
  • azad_667 7y

    Important photo! You are Welcome to share this photo with the State Violence Against Civilians group. The World needs to see! THX for your contribution
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Taken on August 5, 2006
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