People in Car Photos 1970
Before I turned 21, (1970) I completed two significant bodies of work, People in Cars[ and Myself: Timed Exposures. For People in Cars, I found a street corner near my home in Van Nuys, California, and in the late afternoon light, using a wide angle lens, I photographed people making right hand turns, often capturing the images of drivers and passengers in the front and back seats. The wide-angle lens required me to stand close in. I wasn’t looking at them from a distance — I wanted them to respond to me in some way, And respond they did: the images show couples grinning at him, children scowling, and one lady flipping a manicured finger. I think today there might have been a lot more paranoia about being surveilled, but in those days it was maybe a more naïve time. For the most part, people thought it was kind of funny, and responded in a jovial way, and I had a lot of fun doing it. A book of this work was published 47 years later in 2017 by Stanley/Barker, UK.[
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