The Turk and the Jew, 1998
Collaborative book/web project
Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari

When I took a teaching job in Washington state I left behind my girl friend, Chantal Zakari, in Chicago. The Turk and the Jew is based on our three-year long distance relationship between Pullman and Chicago, and later, Boston. It is also based on our website of the same name. The web became a virtual space to continue our relationship. In this "place" we carried on dialogues about daily life, about cultural difference, and statements of identity, using the current visual strategies of the web circa 1995-97.

The design of the book invokes the visual language of the web in order to describe the nature of our virtual relationship. The translucent pages enable subtle intersections, so that what's underneath bleeds through the top page. Changes in colors and fonts are employed to describe the change in voice from one to the other. The Turk and the Jew is a hybrid book/web design piece that points to electronic media as the site where much of our lives are increasingly being played out.
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