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The Rising

This is from yesterday morning at the balloon festival. I love walking around the balloon field and watching these massive things slowly rising up and coming to life.


Not that many went up yesterday. I was really looking forward to this morning, which was supposed to be great, but unfortunately cancelled. That SUCKED! Yesterday it was stormy and rainy most of the day. I was excited about this morning, because usually the day after a storm is a great day for photography. And, it was… I started walking towards the balloon field around 7:00 AM, hoping they would start launching. It was still a little stormy with a gray sky. The field was deserted. Damn! By 8:00, the sun was out, the wind had died, and the sky was fantastic! Would have been an awesome morning for ballooning (and photography). Too late to un-cancel I guess…


Yay... I'm finally back online. My internet connection suddenly, unexpectedly quit, two days ago, and I have been completely out of touch. Been scrambling around, trying to figure it out ever since. I have now realized that, the downside to having both your phone, and internet connection in the same device is that... If it completely dies, suddenly it's like you're deaf and blind. I went to a Verizon dealer. They couldn't fix anything. So... They gave me a number to call. "I have no phone." They said. "Oh yeah... OK, well then go to this website." Ummmmm... I have no internet, remember?"

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Taken on October 4, 2011