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Havasu Falls

Here's another from this weeks fantastic trip to Havasu Falls. There are actually three huge waterfalls down there, and about a thousand smaller ones. This one is definitely my favorite. This is the same falls that I posted before, taken from the top side. Since a lot of people were asking questions on my last Havasu photo, let me try to explain a little about the place. I never really knew much about it until I went there. It really is a fascinating place to visit. It's about 50 miles west of Grand Canyon National Park, as the Crow flies, however... It's about a four hour drive! It's kinda like, you can't get there from here. It's on an Indian reservation. You drive for ever, through the desert, and come to a parking area. From there it's about 12 miles down into the bottom of a canyon to get to the falls. There are 3 options. #1 hike it. If you hike out, the last mile is the most deadly, steep switchbacks I've ever seen. #2 Mule ride. #3 helicopter ride. A fourth option is to hike, but you can put all your gear on a Mule, so you don't have to carry it. I took the helicopter ride in. The helicopter costs $85, and it's an awesome ride. It takes like 3 minutes, and lands down in the village. There is actually an Indian village of about 400 people who live down there near the falls, completely isolated from the world. Everything they need is brought in and out by helicopter. You see the helicopter flying back and fourth all day dangling a big cargo net full of everything you can possibly imagine. Once you land, it's an easy 2 mile hike down to where the falls are. You pay them something like a $50 camping fee, and you can set up a tent down by the falls. The Indians in the village are not particularly friendly. You ask them a question and they usually just kind of grunt at you like you're bothering them. The camping area is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It's a whole other world from the desert up above. You're in this little oasis, of lush green trees, and beautiful aqua streams. The water didn't look real. Aside from swimming pools, and the Carribbean, I've never seen water that color. It looked fake, like I was in some resort where they have the fake waterfall, with the water dyed that unrealistic blue color. It felt like some kind of a Disney resort. I kept expecting a bunch of animals to all start singing a song. So, anyway, on the way out, I had to take the Mule ride. Unfortunantly, the Helicopter doesn't run on Tuesdays. I didn't want to hike it, because I was doing that crazy hike down into the Grand Canyon the very next day. Since I have not ridden on a Horse in 20 years, the Mule ride wasn't really any better than hiking. I'm chafed, and bruised, and sore from using muscles that I apparently never use.

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Taken on April 21, 2008