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moleskine sketches c

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hey guess what, i ll add myself to that moleskine thing fever that´s been going round lately... so, here are some sketches, i´ll upload more stuff later.

Que? Creian que no me iba a sumar a la fiebre de las moleskines??

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  1. thorinside 108 months ago | reply

    Nice. 'Tonight, sleeping will be torture.' And I like drawing eyes too. Thanks very much for sharing one of your sketch pages, you're an amazing artist!

  2. ·e· 108 months ago | reply

    me encantó el texto alrededor de los muñequitos! le da una dinámica brutal!

  3. princess sputnik 108 months ago | reply

    jejeje estos no los habia visto tampoco...el niñito que tiro el jugo, tiene una piijama parecida a la de lola jeje...me gusta (todo, no solo la pijama)

  4. tohoscope 108 months ago | reply

    Moleskin sketchbooks are great! Nice sketching.

  5. Sick Sad M!kE 108 months ago | reply

    Hi thanx guys for all the kind words i really appreciate it :)

    @ Thorinside: Whoa, thanx man. See? i knew drawing eyes was a common preference. Thanks for that last sentence.

    @ -e- : Brutaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!! eso me gustó. El texto es un poco asociación libre, trate de no pensar mucho y dejar que las lineas salieran solas, y conforme iba dibujando tambien se me ocurrian frases.

    @P. Sputnik: Si, son un poco recientes...mmhh.. sabia que esa pijama la habia visto en algun lado...

    @Tohoscope: Thanx man, i checked your flickr, tell me, you draw all those covers?????

  6. Jacob Haas 108 months ago | reply

    There's nothing I love more than filling a spread in my Moleskine with random drawings... and this is a great example of that.

  7. Sick Sad M!kE 108 months ago | reply

    @Untitled13: Thanx man, i ll check your moleskine spreads, random doodles are very terepeutical

  8. Jacob Haas 107 months ago | reply

    Also, they're a great way to make work pass more quickly. (hoping my boss didn't hear that...)

  9. deadlydaisy 107 months ago | reply

    agree w/ thorinside-thanks for sharing sketches.....though your sketch could be framed as a piece of art.....

  10. Sick Sad M!kE 107 months ago | reply

    oh man!!! thanx a fucking lot!!!!

  11. cordel 106 months ago | reply

    Son geniales las paginas de tu moleskine, creo que le sacas el maximo partido a estas hojas.

  12. Sick Sad M!kE 105 months ago | reply

    @Dhania_ Thanx ma´am.

    @Cordel: Jeejejeje, procuro hacer cosas decentes

    @Anendorf: Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. majik.mike 100 months ago | reply

    man you are so good. i can't say enough about your CLEAN linework. just gorgeous.

  14. artsyfartsy :) 86 months ago | reply

    very cool! love the eye in the top corner.

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