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Day 468-Thirteen Things Music Edition

brought to you by "Thereason" by Musiq from the album Soulstar


1. While on a field trip my freshman year to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra the best thing I've ever seen was that they played the cartoon "What's Opera, Doc?" and then they played a booming rendition of "Die Walküre" (Ride of the Valkyries). KICK ASS!!!


2. I can still recite, word for word, "A Children's Story" by Slick Rick.


3. When stationed in Hawaii, you knew I was pissed off the you heard "Fight The Power" booming from my room, especially when that first bass line dropped!


4. I like Enya. Deal. :-)


5. I am a closet Madonna fan


6. Admit it. Like me, when they first came out, you liked Milli Vanilli


7. Songs From The Big Chair, one of the best 80's albums, hands down.


8. I own everything Tool put out.


9. Hall and Oates...still like them


10. Prince is a GENIUS! If you don't own Purple Rain you are WRONG!


11. Michael Jackson...good until after Dangerous. Sorry, Mike. Off The Wall was the shit!


12. Quester for life. Midnight Marauders, classic Tribe Called Quest.


13. I can't drive and listen to House music. I get speeding tickets.

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Taken on December 30, 2007