365 Project : Day 333

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Canon 7D + 70-200 f2.8 II IS
f8.0 | 1/500 | ISO 100

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE.

I never knew I can get a nice landscape shots when I started using the 70-200 lens, but I guess I was wrong :)


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  1. Andrew Madali 52 months ago | reply

    very beautiful!!! great job bro!!

  2. Hareesh.P 52 months ago | reply

    stunning shot...love ur timing

  3. Almsaeed 52 months ago | reply

    This is fantastic .. Amazing view ;-)

  4. Umair Ashfaq 52 months ago | reply

    very nice processing and very well captured. i really like this shot

  5. OiRafaelBorges 52 months ago | reply

    this is the best flickr picture

  6. tom klausz 52 months ago | reply

    Quality work!

  7. jdink 52 months ago | reply

    Unbelievable - this is probably Gotham City? Fantastic shot!

  8. EWR72 52 months ago | reply

    Outstanding work. I´ve enjoyed looking at your blog and Flickr stream. This is spectacular and such a different take on Dubai.

  9. N+C Photo 52 months ago | reply

    What an incredible shot!

  10. BlueisCoool 52 months ago | reply

    Very nice capture - congrats!

  11. Infernal elf 52 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shot unbelievable lights looks like heaven is blessing Dubai

    if this havent been edited apart from basic editing its one of the very best shots i have seen of Dubai it looks aboslutely amazing. and i have seen quite a few over the years

    And you really captured it from a fantastic angle which shows how abruptly you can go from barren desert to modern metropolis in Dubai

  12. Infernal elf 52 months ago | reply

    J. D.

    im sorry dude

    Dubai isent really anything like Gotham city its always good lights and very little crime in Dubai barley rains neither. and it has this light and good feel to it. And its a desert city which Gotham has never been

    Gotham is much more like certain areas of Chicago and New york maybe parts of London. most of the Nolan batman movies was shot in Chicago.

    so id say the skyscrapers are what they have in common and craziness but not much more

  13. ADW44 51 months ago | reply

    Amazing...the addition of the buildings really makes the skyline look dense

  14. sparley 51 months ago | reply

    Spectacular! A favorite.

  15. happywaffle 50 months ago | reply

    Unless you can explain why the buildings are lit from the front, not in silhouette—and why the shadows of the trees point in a completely different direction—I'm going to encourage you to identify your composite Photoshopped pictures as such.

  16. hakim mohd 49 months ago | reply

    wow...... superb shots......

  17. CTA178 43 months ago | reply

    Wow!! Alhamdulillah!!
    God's light on you, burj khalifa!!!

    Magnificent!! Michael!!!

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