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Torture Mat

I waited till the last minute again.. I need to stop doing this.. it is starting to show!


But here it is. Passion. I've been taking Yoga classes for about a month now at work and I believe I am hooked. My intentions for starting them weren't necessarily the best.. but I found I really enjoy it.. and I think it has begun to make a difference.


I live in a corporate world most of the day.. I deal with sometimes meaningless problems and sometimes meaningless people. I work in an industry that is still being invented in a company that is still being invented with people inventing ideas they shouldn't be inventing. Nothing is really certain, nothing is really proven and it is draining. Then there is Yoga. You have an instructor who knows what they are doing. You have a practice that has been around for centuries. You have structured poses, proven poses, meaningful poses. You have your breath.. your body.. your mat. I grasp onto these thoughts during the day when I am stuck in blackberry filled meeting rooms reading documents with italic subtitles claiming to have saved the world. Yoga helps me find my center.. my peace. And for that.. I'm passionate.


And if I had a camera when I drank my Chai Tea w/ a shot of espresso this morning.. I would have submitted that. Maybe next week.. maybe then.

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Taken on February 28, 2007