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Lindy Revisited | by Michael Besant
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Lindy Revisited

I have been needing some "shooting time" to soothe my artistic soul. I was debating on where to go out and shoot this weekend when my son Joey asked if we could go to the "waterfall park" and break in our new hiking trail sneakers. The "waterfall park" is actually Blackwater Falls State Park located in Davis West Virginia. He calls it the waterfall park because there are (roughly) 4 really nice waterfalls in this state park. There may (technically) a couple more if you count the runs off of Elakala Falls.


As for the breaking in of hiking shoes... I bought him and I some new (almost matching) hiking trail shoes for our trip out west this summer. We will be in Zion NP and The Grand Canyon and I figured some decent light shoes would be in order to make the trails a bit easier. I would love to do some SERIOUS hiking while there, but I decided on short easy trails as to make the trip a nice memory vs. one where I drag him around and he ends up hating nature. ;-) Plus add that after we get done 4 days of National Parks we will be in Disneyland for 3 days. So we are going to get some serious walking in on this vacation.


PHOTOGRAPHER NOTE: we had a casualty last night while I was shooting... my Hoya Variable ND filter sacrificed itself to save my Nikon 16-35mm VR. How this happened was my own fault sad to say. I was setting up my tripod to perch it on a boulder, I hadn't extended the legs yet so it was slightly unbalanced, but still able to be standing on its own. I turned around to check on Joey to make sure he was okay (as we were out on these boulders you see in the shot), as I turned around the wind had caught the camera and tipped it over. I was able to react quickly enough to grab the tripod before the camera fully hit the rock, but the front of the lens did make contact and destroyed my $150 filter *sad face*. But on the bright side no other damage was done to the camera or the lens. Now I must admit something here.. You know how you always hear of people "seeing their lives flash before their eyes..", well I had this happen in THAT SINGLE MOMENT as I was reacting to grab the tripod. The thought that went through my head was that of Bill McIntosh and how he must've looked when he watched his Nikon 28-300 go over the edge of the Four Mile Trail at Yosemite last year. All I could see IN THAT INSTANT was my camera & Tripod toppling over and NOTHING but a 200ft drop below. "Whew"!!

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Taken on April 12, 2014