Smith-Nephew's new Deuce replacement knee www.smith-nephew.com/ - photos taken via Anna Scott of Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, 6/20/07, with permission of patient Michael Baird) showing installation in patient number four (Mike Baird). Dr. Thomas Ferro, main surgeon (see www.bonejointcenter.com/ )

JOURNEY* DEUCE* Bi-Compartmental Knee System
The innovative JOURNEY* DEUCE* Bi-Compartmental Knee System is a revolutionary concept where the medial tibiofemoral compartment
and patellofemoral compartment are replaced with a single femoral component. The JOURNEY DEUCE System is the first and only knee system to successfully retain ACL and PCL function, allowing more normal kinematics and proprioception throughout the range of motion. The JOURNEY DEUCE Bi-Compartmental Knee System accommodates deep flexion, enables normal tibiofemoral axial rotation and provides patellar tracking throughout the entire range of flexion while retaining the healthy lateral tibiofemoral compartment.


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More on the Journey Deuce "two compartments, one knee system" at ortho.smith-nephew.com/us/node.asp?NodeId=3912

See www.smithnephew.com/us/node.asp?NodeId=3920 for a 5-minute version of the surgery procedure (from Smith-Nephew website - not Mike Baird's operation). To watch this video you need to use Internet Explorer and not Firefox.

more... ortho.smith-nephew.com/us/Standard.asp?NodeId=2922

A short-cut to this set is knee.bairdphotos.com

Photos showing recovery after 6 weeks on 8-1-07 and 9 weeks at 8-28-07 are posted at

Read about a 46 year-old friend's experience with this same new knee at www.dailyherald.com/health/story.asp?id=339743

The best technical article on the Journey Deuce is at www.orthosupersite.com/view.asp?rID=23133 and is entitled "Bicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: A Bone-sparing, Ligament-sparing, and Minimally Invasive Alternative for Active Patients"

11/07 see video training clips at reconsalestraining.com/public/deuce/

31 March 2008 activity report said" getgoodpictures says: Hey - I took these pictures! Glad to see them on here. My most unique photo-shoot to date.

June 2008: Check out Dr. Thomas Ferro’s (my doctor) video interview at www.bonejointcenter.com/ to
This is essential viewing for anyone considering knee replacement or re-surfacing surgery. Straight answers to questions.

Update: 24 June 2009. In response to a question I said: "After two years I am probably as cured as I will ever be - I take the narcotic Tramadol 6-8 times a day for knee pain management and have swelling - both the pain and swelling is around the lateral part of the knee that was not replaced. I believe my experience is outside the bounds of any normal distribution - bad luck, and being one of the very first patients, early on the learning curve. I wish you the best - some seem to have almost no issues. BTY, I am able to do most things that I did before, with the exception of mountain hiking. Mike Baird knee.bairdphotos.com "
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