70 shots from the 17th Annual Big, Bad, and Ugly Surf Event by the Estero Bay Surf Club -
photos by Mike Baird, bairdphotos.com - Shot RAW w/ a Canon 5D w/ 600 mm f/4.0 IS lens with polarizer and a strong tripod (1/1600 or 1/1250 shutter priority). Unlike many of my other surf shots, here I largely tried to capture close-up shots of many of the participants regardless of the technical aspects of the ride. Thanks to Happy Dog and Joe for making me feel welcome to their event. All photos are posted in full-resolution but cropped. Feel free to use these photos for your personal enjoyment in any way you like. I always appreciate hearing from people who find their photos to their liking - email mike at mikebaird.com. Corrections always appreciated.
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