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Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) Mysticeti baleen whale

Blue Whale abut 95 feet long, (Balaenoptera musculus) Mysticeti baleen whale off Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands, near Santa Barbara, CA on a tour on the boat Condor Express 07 Sept. 2008


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Re: this Blue Whale photo, I said to photomorrobay

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: I just noticed that Wiki en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_whale has one of my Blue Whale photos used in their desc. page. For those interested in the 7/3/2010 6-9AM whale watching outing, note that Rouvaishyana and I saw this one in the Channel Islands 9/7/2008




I forgot to mention that Kevin Winfield of Subsea Tours would very much appreciate getting copies of any Blue Whale photos you may obtain on the 7/3/2010 trip


to be used to promote his business. If you are willing to share your photos, please select the Creative Commons Attribution option at flickr. Please tag all photos taken from the Subsea Tours Dos Osos boat with the unique label "subseatours" - that way they can be found more easily.

And, add a few to www.flickr.com/groups/photomorrobay/ so your larger set can be located

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Taken on September 7, 2008