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Two Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis) with watercolor effect (not added) | by mikebaird
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Two Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis) with watercolor effect (not added)

Two Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis) on the Morro Bay, CA Embarcadero near the Morro Bay Coast Guard Station. 05 August 2008. Michael "Mike" L. Baird, Canon PowerShot SD950IS. I sort of liked the ethereal effect the watercolor-like reflections had in the water here. This image was not manipulated in Photoshop - it was simply processed by Picasa with the "I feel lucky" transform applied. Frame by Picnik "Edit Photo."

There is something about my little pocket Canon SD950IS that often results in this kind of "watercolor" effect when shooting jpgs (I almost always shoot in RAW with my Canon SLRS).


10 June 2009 Creative Commons use note (approved): Hey Mike, I’m writing to you to ask whether we may use an edited version of your photo ‘Two Brown Pelicans, Morro Bay, CA, Jan. 14, 2006’ as an illustration to a guide we are going to publish on Gendernet. Gendernet is a Danish Network composed of Danish non-governmental organisations and resource persons that encourage joint co-ordination and works to strengthen awareness and commitment on gender and rights issues in development work. The guide is a Facilitator Guide for Gender Training, and the idea is to help gender focal points in our member organisations so that they can make courses in gender and development theory and practice in there organisations. The guide is going to be published online, as a part of our homepage: . The guide is non-commercial. We think that your photo is really awesome, and would like to use it in the guide. Greetings,

Anne Rehder, Student Assistant, KØNSNET ngo-netværk om køn og udvikling

are [at} dca d o t dk Update: Oh, I see now that you refer to the image at and not


Utterly Otterly Day 30 Oct 2009: Hello. I am writing you because I would like permission to use your amazing photos. The two I am thinking about using are: Adult Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris) in Morro Bay, CA ; Two Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis) with watercolor effect (not added); I request your permission to publish, reproduce, modify, adapt and distribute your Image(s) within a children’s curriculum I am creating. The image would specifically be used in printables within the unit for the book Utterly Otterly Day by Mary Caanova. I will credit you as the photograph however you wish. If you agree, what name would you like me to attribute the image to? This will not be on the actual printable (unless you insist on this condition) but in the curriculum credits. I can either credit you right in the section for this book Utterly Otterly Day or I can put it on a credits page at the end of the curriculum.

I am currently working on the curriculum and will be using it with some students before trying to get it out for other homeschoolers or daycare centers to use. This curriculum isfor children that are 2-6 yrs. old. These images would be on some kind of printable or project that the students will use to reinforce the story .

Please e-mail me back at this e-mailaddress letting me know if you give me the permission to use your image(s). Thank you, Carol Vega Carol Vega carol [at} teamvega d o t org

Reply: Carol Vega, That all cool with me... thanks for asking. I love to have my photos used in educational contexts. A copy of the printables/book(s) is always appreciated for my portfolio but I don’t insist on it. answers all questions people ask about using my photos (e.g., please comment at the photo, etc...), and says all... (pasted below too). Use as practicable or desired. I generally prefer attribution to be attached to or close to the images but I yield to editorial preferences and your convenience.


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Taken on August 5, 2008