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1 of 9 Peregrine Falcon Adult, Morro Bay, CA 27 May 2008 | by mikebaird
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1 of 9 Peregrine Falcon Adult, Morro Bay, CA 27 May 2008

1 of 9 Peregrine Falcon Adult, Morro Bay, CA 27 May 2008, Five chicks have fledged; two from the south side join three from the north side of Morro Rock in an interesting cacophony of total chaos.


19 May 2009 Creative Commons use note, to appear in


07 Dec 2009 Creative Commons use at :La Serena "The Bird Friends Inn of Morro Bay, CA"


08 Jan 2010 Creative Commons use note: My name is Roma Shah and I work with Lehrman Cameron Studio (LCS), a Seattle based museum and exhibit design firm. We are currently working on education and interpretive signage for Snoqualmie Falls Park (Washington State). It is a known and protected Peregrine Falcon nesting site.

I wanted to know if you would be interested in letting LCS use one of your peregrine falcon images? We are interested in either one of these images:

The image would appear at approx. 5 inches x 7 inches at 300dpi. The usage terms would be a one time educational use. Would you be interested in providing Lehrman Cameron Studio permission for such a use? Thank you & Happy New Year

(please reply to romas {at} @lehrmancameron d o t com ) - Roma K Shah -

Architectural Designer, Lehrman Cameron Studio


Creative Commons use as a book cover, 29 Jan 2010. We found your hawk photo impresive and want to use it in our book of hunting. Book will be very nice - full of color pictures of nature. (We are from Latvia - a small country East of Europe Union.) It is not big comercial project, book will have small edition for 2000 pcs. What will be your terms of usage for this photo? We will put your name as cover photographer in the book, and can send a book to you. If we could come to terms, please send us a photo in a larger version, This from internet is good too, but the bigger could be better for printing. Have a nice day! Sincerely yours, Atis Luguzs, graphic designer. From: Atis Luguzs [algenta {at] inbox d o t lv]

A: Atis, How nice to know someone on the other side of the world is using one of my images. All of my images in Flickr are posted at the highest original resolution I have at full jpg 100% quality. Some were cropped because of distance, so resolution will not be so great sometimes. You need to log in with a free Yahoo! or Flickr ID to see "all sizes" above my photos to get to the best originals. I figured out you wanted to use - and the largest size available at is indeed only 1147x1721 - sorry, but that's the original size. My profile at answers every question ever asked about how to access the full-sized mages, how to attribute and comment, and when practicable, how to link back to the original image page. Most of my images can be used for commercial purposes with attribution under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Mail to Michael L. Baird, 2756 Indigo Circle, Morro Bay, CA 93442. USA. lists my postal address for sending me a copy of the book for my portfolio which I do consider a fair trade for your use. I ask users to leave comments at the photo's page to document their use if they can. And by adding links to your projects, we all help each other maximize our publicity.



28 Oct 2010: 1 of 9 Peregrine Falcon Adult, Morro Bay, CA 27 May 2008

Largest online .jpg (1147 x 1721) is at (watermarked)

Privately Re-rendered with 1:1 larger crop for flexible publishing 1970x1970

Saved as maximum-quality .jpg and .tiff

Invoice 28 Oct. 2010 $75 to HFC-Whirlwind Creative for NPS creative

Michael L. Baird,, 2756 Indigo Circle, Morro Bay, CA 93442

Invoice & Tax ID # ***-**-9545 mike(at {mikebaird d o t com (can use for PayPal) 805-704-2064

ref. filename peregrine-falcon-27may2008-130.tif (sent via



09 April 2011 CC use requested and approved:

Q: Dear Mr. Baird, This is in regard to the photograph as depicted at , "1 of 9 Peregrine Falcon Adult, Morro Bay, CA 27 May 2008". I am writing a novel based around a human who accidentally had his mind transferred into that of a wild peregrine falcon, and as such a photo of a peregrine falcon would be ideal for its cover. I was hoping to use your photo linked above for the cover. Modifications intended: I intend to apply a zoom blur to the photo, with the centre of the blur focused on the peregrine's eye (this will mean that the image credit in the bottom-left corner of the photo will be cropped off). My name and the title of the book will appear on the cover, along with the phrase "the only limits we face are the ones we choose to live by". Attribution: Both print and e-book versions of the novel, and anywhere I show the cover of the book online, would include the following text:

Cover image based on photograph taken by “Mike” Michael L. Baird,, Photograph used in accordance with Creative Commons license “Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)”. Audiobook and audiodisc versions will have the above paragraph read out, but instead of reading out the web links I intend to say "Internet links are provided with this audiobook in an included text file" or "Internet links are provided on the disc cover". Copy for your portfolio: I can send you a copy of the e-book (no DRM) when I finish writing the novel if you wish. This will include a PDF version. However, if you are only interested in a depiction of the cover for your portfolio, and not the entire novel, please let me know and I'll send you a original-resolution copy of the cover in PNG format. May I please use the "1 of 9 Peregrine Falcon Adult..." photo as the basis of my book cover? If I do not meet your criteria for permitting its use, please mention the additional requirements in your reply. Yours sincerely,

P.G. Palmer palmer [at} pgpalmer d o t net


A: PG, that is perfect for me. Best success in your book - it sounds terrific.

Yes, I'd appreciate a copy of the e-book and png cover sometime.

Your effort to meet all of my attribution requests exceeds that ever expected. Cheers, Mike


22 June 2011 Creative Commons use approved:

Q: We would like to use your low-resolution photo posted at this address for our book cover:

I am writing to ask your permission do so. Please let me know. Thank you, Ania Picard appicard {at] umd d o t edu, Center for Energetic Concepts Development, University of Maryland

College Park, MD 20742. 301-405-5205

A: Ania, that'a fine with me - thanks for asking.

The highest resolution image available is also on Flickr if you look at for sizes..

answers every question ever asked about using one of my photos under Creative Commons (CC) Attribution: How to attribute, access full-resolution versions, how to link back to the image page, and how to please comment on the image used linking to your use.

If you use my image(s) in a printed publication or video production, I'd love to get via postal mail a copy of the publication or tear sheets for my portfolio if practicable. Mail to Michael L. Baird, 2756 Indigo Circle, Morro Bay, CA 93442.


06 July 2012, This image has in fact now been used on this book cover:

Palmer, PG. "Through Falcon Eyes" - This is a work of fiction... First published 2012 by Peregrine Fiction. Copyright © P.G. Palmer 2012. All rights reserved. This book will be moved into the public domain on February 20, 2022. ISBN 978-0-9871328-1-9. E-book compiled in Australia. Cover image based on photograph taken by “Mike” Michael L. Baird,, Used in accordance with Creave Commons license.

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