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Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) | by mikebaird
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Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)

Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) on Morro Strand State Beach, Morro Bay, CA 21 March 2008 - Photo by Michael "Mike" L. Baird, Canon 1D Mark III with 100-400mm IS lens handheld.


10 March 2010 Creative Commons use, in an American Museum of Natural History book: JulieFinestone has sent you a message on Flickr.

Subject: image use MUST READ

Date: 10th March, 2010

Dear Mike Baird, I am writing about some of the photos you have posted on flickr; there is a list of eleven URLs at the bottom of this note. I would like to use these images as illustrations in a book I am writing. The book is called a Field Guide to Urban Wildlife of North America. Stackpole Books will publish it in 2011. The book will be available, but I don't expect to make a profit from it; it is both an educational work and a labor of love. The book will contain a few hundred photos, and flickr members contributed many of them. The creative commons license you have posted indicates that the photos may be freely used if attributed. I have read your profile and will follow those instructions and attribute each photo. My name is Julie Feinstein (it was already taken on flickr). I work at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. You can contact me through flickr mail or at my work email address: jfstein [at} @amnh d o t org. Thank you for making the photos available! I am profoundly grateful for your generosity. I will send you a copy of the book when it is released.

Best regards, Julie


30 Nov 2010 more Creative Commons use approved.

lehrmancameron has sent you a message on Flickr. Subject: Turkey Vulture Photo Request

Date: 30th November, 2010 Greetings Mike, My name is Sarah Thomas and I work for Lehrman Cameron Studio, a Seattle based museum and exhibit design firm. In the past, you have been corresponding with one of our emplyees, Roma Shah. We're excited to say that Roma has decided to continue her education by persuing her Masters degree in Architecture. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding the photos we have used, please feel free to contact me at saraht {at] lehrmancameron d o t com. Secondly, we are continuing our image research for the Snoqualmie Falls project and came across your image titled "Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)" ( I have read your profile boiler plate and familiar with your attribution process and would like to request the use of your photo without the watermark. The turkey vulture picture would appear no larger than 3 inches x 3 inches (300dpi) on either a porcelain or phenolic panel describing the local fauna in the Snoqualmie area . A photo credit would appear just to the right of the image as you've outlined in your boiler plate.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions, comments or concerns. I'd like to thank you in advance for your time and photography. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah Thomas, LEHRMAN CAMERON STUDIO, LLC; (p) 206.784.0555; saraht [at} lehrmancameron d o t com

P.S. - feel free to contact me by e-mail with your questions. I will likely respond faster that way

A: Sarah, yes, that's all very fine with me. I assume your staff can easily crop off the watermark or clone it out. you have my permission to do that. Honored to be a small part of you work products.

Please come back for more images. Mike.

Q2: Hi Mike, Thank you very much for responding so quickly to our request! Yes, we do have the ability to easily crop or clone out the watermark. Chuck Erickson [Chuck Erickson ]who is CC’d onto this e-mail is out production graphic designer for Snoqualmie Falls. Again, thank you very much for your permission to use your wonderful photography. We will be in touch regarding the final product and future works. Cheers,

Sarah Thomas...

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Taken on March 21, 2008