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    No more meter readers. This new smart meter will send information to the electricity provider via a radio signal. I can log on to the company's website and see my hourly usage and where I can cut back during different hours of the day. Businesses will be able to see their usage every 15 minutes.
    The water meter reader is a monthly drive by reading. In the next county over there are sprinkler systems that are controlled by a satellite that reads the moisture content of the soil and depending on the type of plantings the owner has entered for each section of the landscaping, grass, cactus, native plants etc,the satellite turns the systems on and off for that section. Cool, I should have put this on my lonely blog.

    1. Nieve44/Luz 42 months ago | reply

      I had mine installed and so far no probs but other neighbors are complaining about their meter readings being too high. Need to be diligent in reviewing/asking questions regarding any discrepencies you notice. BTW, who owns the patent for these meter readers? Al Gore-so I was told. Mr. Save Engery but who is making a mint in the process!

    2. miheco 42 months ago | reply

      Luz thanks for the tip. We don't have the online review of our usage yet. It will take them some time to install them out here in the boon docks.

    3. desertdiva 42 months ago | reply

      I don't have one yet... :-(

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