A month on Mount Hamilton, November 2006
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Unlike the other photos I've posted on flickr, I did not take these. Instead they were taken by a webcam that that simply takes a photo every three minutes. From the top of California's Diablo Range at 4,200 feet, the camera aims west toward San Jose and San Francisco Bay. During the dry season the results are an endless stream of blue skies, but once the wet season begins, the images get more interesting. In November of 2006, as the first real storms of the season moved through, I looked through the camera's archives each day, picking the most interesting photo from each 24 hour period. The unsettled weather is what gives the photos their remarkable variety. Never changing its composition or focal length, all the differences between the webcam's images are a result of changes in the atmosphere and in the positions of the sun and moon.

Images used with permission from the University of California Lick Observatory.
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