My DIY Ring Flash Adapter

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    I think I've wanted to make a ring flash adapter from the first time I saw one. The results were awesome and it seemed like a good challenge.

    And then I thought it would be easier to just buy one...

    But after searching the Interweb for a while, I found that all the good ones were too impractical and/or too expensive, and the cheaper ones were just crap. Some weren't even a ring!

    So I HAD to make one!
    It would have to:
    - be cheap (preferably free),
    - be a ring (duh!),
    - be very light,
    - have even light distribution,
    - NOT look like crap!

    Took some measurements from my camera and flash, made a model in Google SketchUp, "unfolded" it and printed the result. Made a cardboard prototype in no time, a few adjustments, and it was ready.
    The final material would have to be some kind of plastic sheet, which I didn't have and didn't want to buy. So the prototype sat in the back of a closet for 2 years...

    Finally, I was able to "recycle" all the ingredients. Some black plastic binders that were going to the garbage at my sister's work, a translucent one I already had, a plastic mirror and some aluminium tape.

    After a few days of cutting, scoring, notching and gluing, the results Were way better than I could have expected. The light distribution is near perfect. It weights around 140g and it's held in place just by friction. I can handle the camera any way I want and it just won't fall. And most of all, it was practically free!
    As for the looks, I am very pleased but... you tell me!

    The only downside to this version is that it's made specifically for one camera / lens combo. In my case, a Nikon D90 and a Nissin Di866. So when I upgrade either one of them, I'll have to build a new adapter. So...?!

    If you're interested in making your own, I uploaded the SketchUp file here. You'll have to measure your own camera and flash, and make the necessary adjustments. In the file there is also an example of how I managed to glue the parts.

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    1. Pete Glogiewicz 33 months ago | reply

      FANTASTIC I too have been thinking about doing one. Would you be willing to share your design in a little
      More detail??

    2. Miguel_Coelho 33 months ago | reply

      Thanks! Updated the info with a link to the SketchUp file. Should be clear enough, but I'll try to post some more pictures soon.

    3. Pete Glogiewicz 33 months ago | reply

      Thanks very much for the link to the sku file. in a bizzare twist of fate, the dimensions EXACTLY match my Canon 400D and sigma Flash. Happy days lol.

    4. Dan Butch 33 months ago | reply

      looks great do you have any images taken with it :-)

    5. Miguel_Coelho 33 months ago | reply

      Cool! Can't wait to see your version! :)

    6. Matt Randolph 33 months ago | reply

      Looks exactly like the one I did 2.5 years ago. Great job!

    7. Miguel_Coelho 33 months ago | reply

      Just this one. I'll look for more.

    8. Miguel_Coelho 33 months ago | reply

      I swear I didn't copy! :) Great job!

    9. f r a g i l e . 32 months ago | reply

      Seen & Admired in " f l i c k "

    10. phael diniz 27 months ago | reply

      HOW WONDERFUL! It was exactly what I was looking for DIY! You are a Saint! I'm providing the download SketchUp Pro to open your file, and finally set up my Ring Flash! Thank you very much)

    11. phael diniz 27 months ago | reply

      Hello. I managed to open the file, but how do I print the mold? Never mess with this program ...

    12. Miguel_Coelho 27 months ago | reply

      Go to menu Camera / Standard Views / Right. Then, delete the parts you don't want and just print the 2D parts. Do not scale down. You will probably have to print multiple tiles, unless you have access to a large format printer...

    13. Ricardo Durand 21 months ago | reply

      Fantastico ! Bom Trabalho !
      Nao consigo baixar o arquivo, você tem ele em outro link?


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