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Disneyland Monsanto Chemitron Rendering 1955 | by Miehana
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Disneyland Monsanto Chemitron Rendering 1955

Part of an original pencil layout created in 1955 for a full-color newspaper section presenting some of the " many delights and wonders that are yours to enjoy at Disneyland."


The editorial block at the top of the frame would contain the following text in the final piece:


“ MONSANTO…in Tomorrowland…shows you the romance of chemistry, how chemically-made products benefit your life, and how they can make a new and startling world of tomorrow. Your food, clothing, housing, health, and transportation all depend upon chemistry…and the future holds some exciting, wonderful things in store for you.”


“Upon entering Monsanto’s Hall of Chemistry, you will see the CHEMITRON…huge shining test tubes of the eight basic materials found in nature, from which countless chemicals and plastics can be made: Salt, coal, air, oil, sulfur, phosphate rock, water, and limestone -- but from those eight common substances come almost 500 different Monasanto chemicals and plastics. And you’ll see how these promise to build a new and easier way of life for you, your children, and generations to come.”


Note that the little boy seen wearing the Davy Crockett coonskin cap is excitedly pointing at the test tube representing "air."

"Mommy! Daddy! Look! It's AIR!"


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Taken on March 11, 2008