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164:365 Home {Explored}

I grew up in this alley. (No, I wasn’t a street kid.)


As a child, I had two homes in two of the best neighborhoods in Omaha: my mom’s house in Dundee and my dad’s place in the Old Market. (For those not akin to Omaha, the Old Market is a historic neighborhood located in our downtown, full of shops and restaurants.) My father owned a building where we lived on the top floor. Just me and my dad, my dad and me.


For the last 25 years, my father has poured every ounce of muscle, sweat, and heart into perfecting the Medlar Building. Each time he finished a project, he’d wait a week or two and start a new one. When the Medlar Building was complete in his eyes, he bought another building on the block and started pouring every ounce into that. The new building now holds Patrick’s Market, a wonderful, independent, and much needed grocery store for downtown denizens.


Here I am, posed and looking blasé in the alley that runs behind the two buildings. My father’s buildings mean very much to me, not because they’re “prime real estate” but because I watched them progress, evolve, and become what they are today. They grew up with me, changed with me, and kept me safe.


Fast forward to now, and this alley is a part of my Wednesday morning commute. I drop P off with my dad every Wednesday so they may each get their weekly fix of one another.


FGR – so blasé about the things you can’t live without.

TRP – commuter camera.

TOTW – lighting. The star at the center of our solar system.


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Taken on June 17, 2009