Origami Car

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    I made a couple more of these origami cars today after our Physics semester final out of purple post-it notes. Once the test was over and we could talk, I made the two cars move towards each other and asked the question "If both cars are of equal mass and one car is carrying a load of one nerd candy, which car decelerates faster? On which car is the momentum greatest?" Our lab table laughed histerically and then our teacher scolded us and stated that Table 1 is full of loud mouths.

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    1. comme_des_ange 95 months ago | reply

      the shot looks fabulous with the car u wrapped!
      Very nice shot!

      if you are interested, please go to the following group and take a look:

      hope you will join it =)

    2. origami_roast 93 months ago | reply

      yey! A filipino folder!!! watch out world! Filipinos rule!

    3. flickr.com/volver-avanzar !!! 88 months ago | reply

      i want to learn how to do it ?

    4. origami_roast 88 months ago | reply

      Diagrams are available at www.origami.com

      Just search for "car" and this model should appear. You will probably need adobe reader. :)

      Happy folding. :)

    5. lir1 71 months ago | reply

      Love this photo!
      Junk Cars

    6. origamiguy1971 67 months ago | reply

      I was searching for origami models, and I ran across your picture.
      This is probably my most popular model. Very nicely folded by the way. Better than the one in my diagrams.

      BTW The mass of one nerd wouldn't add appreciably to the deceleration, but the friction coefficient of the paper would.

      Newer diagrams:
      Crease pattern:
      Tiny one:
      Tinier ones:

      Charles Esseltine

    7. greyzure 18 months ago | reply

      lol the description was funny lol where can I learn this fold, it so cool!

    8. quiet marverick 10 months ago | reply

      Haha cute funny car :)

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