Inspired by Luca Biada's beautiful panophotography, I've also tried my hand at some in-game polar panorama's. It's really addictive, especially when it works (not all of these do).

These shots can be based on anything between 25-120 images, shot using custom ENB or SweetFX builds and 1080p to 4K in-game rendering. Aside from the stitching and polar projection I don't post-process the images after taking the screenshots. I only use Photoshop for cropping the images because my editor of choice (Faststone Imageviewer) doesn't open the humongous (up to 1GB) PSB files that are rendered during one step of the process to make these. And no, I don't use the 'Little Planets' app.

Featured games: Skyrim / Fallout 3 / RAGE
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