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    Downsampled 3760x1600 anamorphic shot, using SRWE; Midhrastic WIP ENB (.190 binary) w/ boulotaur's SweetFX (w/ SMAA, Luma, HDR, Gaussian Blur, DPX, LGG, tonemap, vibrance, curves).

    1. Emerald Reign 64 months ago | reply

      I love the vertical bloom! This is a ridiculously atmospheric config... :-0

    2. abounding interest [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

      Losing the sepia was a good idea after all. :)

    3. Midhras 64 months ago | reply

      Yeah, thanks for making me reconsider. It's not the only thing I've done (of course) as I've had to compensate and am still trying to solve some issues. I would kill for a good DNI separated fx file that starts off looking like this though. I really have to start learning how to code properly.

    4. faeriexdecay 64 months ago | reply

      Wow, is this Mothership Zeta? Maybe it's just been a while, but I don't even recognize it!

    5. Midhras 64 months ago | reply

      Yes it is, but my ENB changes the lighting around a bit, especially around this area. It's much darker in the vanilla game.

    6. Kyokushinoyama 64 months ago | reply

      Midhras Learning to code properly doesn't mean the code will work. See, we're banging our heads *with Boris*... *Boris*.... about having some decent Chromatic Aberration in the sunsprite shader.
      He knows the code. However, no go.... :/
      On a HUGE side note, that shot made me say "Holy Elk" and you owe me a keyboard. Or a coffee. Or both.

    7. faeriexdecay 64 months ago | reply

      Midhras Well it looks amazing. I just love the lighting/color/atmosphere. :D

    8. Midhras 64 months ago | reply

      Holy Elk? That's a sight I must see!
      And thanks Rebecca.

    9. Stein3x 64 months ago | reply

      Aaamazing , as always :)

    10. Kevkas* 63 months ago | reply

      These Mothership Zeta shots are awesome man, your ENB is really great for this place, it looks nothing like I remember it.

    11. polyneutron 47 months ago | reply

      After Alien Isolation it sure looks somewhat familiar now))

      Great detailed shot! The lighting here is much better than in vanilla game in my opinion. It's more, I dunno, "indirect lit" hense more realistic.

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