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    Then and Now.

    My dad is something of a wonderful amateur photographer. I have lots of great photos of myself when I was a kid (and plenty of my horribly awkward phases too). I know he's happy that I've picked up the photo bug. And as this year winds down I want to take a minute and honor all his help and encouragement to me (in all things in my life, not just photos)

    I love you papa!

    (I'm not certain exactly how old I was in the early photo here... perhaps a comment from my father will enlighten me *hint* *hint*)

    EDIT: my papa has informed me (via my livejournal cross-post) that I was almost 8 years old when the younger half of this image was taken.

    EDIT#2: I made Explore! For the 6th time ever. #354. I couldn't be happier that it's this picture up there. :) (up to #112 now woohoo!)

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    1. dCapFoto 73 months ago | reply

      that's a great shot, very very well spliced.
      see on Pragmagraphr's image comments

    2. mickeyjohnson 73 months ago | reply

      dCapFoto: thanks so much! it took several shots and lots of tweaking of where the slice line was to get it just how I wanted to line up :)

    3. mickeyjohnson 73 months ago | reply

      nicouze: thank you!

      Leaca's Philosophy: Thanks so much! :)

    4. Leslie Vernon 73 months ago | reply

      Very interesting idea, and very well executed. It must have taken a long time to get those photos lined up!
      Seen in Damn, that's good! (?)

    5. mickeyjohnson 73 months ago | reply

      Leslie Vernon: thanks very much! And yeah... I shot quite a few takes so I could try and get my face from just the right angle and my expression just so in order to line up... and then I used photoshop to tweak the scale and make the colors into the same range for both halves.

    6. Roberto Foddai 70 months ago | reply

      I would like to do the same but my parents never took pics of me!

    7. mickeyjohnson 70 months ago | reply

      Roberto Foddai: That's a shame! My father took way too many photos of me, so I had a ton to pick from when I got this idea. :)

    8. Moser's Maroon 48 months ago | reply

      It looks great / you look great (then and now).
      I was actually looking for Pragmagrapher's photo, so thank you for helping me find it!

    9. mickeyjohnson 48 months ago | reply

      Moser's Maroon: Thanks so much for the comment and the fave! And I'm glad it helped you find Pragmagrapher's totally cool version of the same idea too.

    10. hyakoukoune 40 months ago | reply

      Ahah ! Excellent one !

    11. mickeyjohnson 40 months ago | reply

      hyakoukoune: thanks very much!

    12. @MrFranciscoSG 22 months ago | reply

      Beautiful work !

    13. SJH Foto 22 months ago | reply

      Great work! Can you tell me what are the two ages. I'd say 8 and 20 something?

    14. Solomon Rz 22 months ago | reply

      Such great pictures Mickey! Either of them on their own would be lovely, the two of them together is just wonderful :)

    15. NotYetTheDodo 22 months ago | reply

      This is brilliant!!!

    16. Zerudaa 22 months ago | reply

      this is amazing!

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