Michigan Municipal League Supports Legal Challenge to Radical Ballot Proposal
More than a dozen Michigan Municipal League members, supporters and staff attended a press conference Wednesday to announce a legal challenge to a radical and controversial constitutional amendment ballot proposal. Watch a video (defendmidemocracy.com/minorityrulepetitionsillegal/) of the event, read the press release (defendmidemocracy.com/minorityrulepetitionsillegal/) and sign up to join the effort (defendmidemocracy.com/minorityrulepetitionsillegal/).
As part of the Defend Michigan Democracy Coalition (defendmidemocracy.com), the Michigan Municipal League Vice President David Lossing, Mayor of Linden, spoke at the press conference and several other League members were in attendance to oppose a proposed constitutional amendment that would create minority rule in the state Legislature on tax issues. Other League (www.mml.org) supporters attending the news conference were Fenton Mayor Sue B. Osborn, Fenton City Manager Lynn Markland, Durand Mayor Deb Doyle, Richmond City Council member Jeff Yaroch, Saline City Manager Todd Campbell, Saline Police Chief Larry Hrinik, Saline City Council Member Jim Roth, East Lansing Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Triplett, Meridian Township Manager Gerald Richards, Huntington Woods Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Jenks, and League staff members Arnold Weinfeld, Samantha Harkins, Nikki Brown, Andy Schor and Matt Bach.

The legal challenge filed at the Board of State Canvassers Wednesday (Aug. 22) says the ballot language fails to qualify for the Nov. 6 general election ballot because its backers broke state election laws and violated the constitution. Read the press release (pdf version: www.mml.org/pdf/newsroom/2012-8-22-dmd.pdf). A formal challenge has been filed and the Board of State Canvassers, a four-member panel that determines if ballot proposal campaigns followed state election laws, is expected to consider the challenge at a public meeting on Aug. 27 in Lansing. Read breaking news from the coalition (defendmidemocracy.com/in-the-news/).

Watch a video (defendmidemocracy.com/minorityrulepetitionsillegal/) of the event, read the press release (defendmidemocracy.com/minorityrulepetitionsillegal/), view a blog post about it (www.mml.org/advocacy/inside208/post/Michigan-Municipal-Le...) and sign up to join the effort (defendmidemocracy.com/minorityrulepetitionsillegal/).Check out all the news coverage (defendmidemocracy.com/in-the-news/) about the issue.
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