Michigan Municipal League Boards Have Joint Meetings June 2012
There was a unique gathering of three Michigan Municipal League-related boards recently. The Michigan Municipal League Board of Trustees met jointly with the League’s Workers’ Compensation Fund Board of Trustees and the League’s Liability and Property Pool Board of Directors. Having the three groups meet for a joint retreat was an excellent way for the members to share ideas and simultaneously learn from League staff. League staff members presented information on a variety of topics, including the latest news out of Lansing, updates on League communications strategies and endeavors, a discussion on pending energy-related issues and information from the League’s legal, events and information and resource departments. For more about the League and what we do go to mml.org and here www.mml.org/about/mmlboard.htm. For more on the League’s Liability and Property Pool visit here www.mml.org/insurance/pool/index.html and here www.mml.org/insurance/pool/about/board.html. For more about the Workers’ Compensation Fund go here www.mml.org/insurance/fund/index.html and here www.mml.org/insurance/fund/about/board.html.
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