• I stood on top of our RV in the middle of the road to take this shot! Oh yeah... this needs to be known. ;)
  • is this my room???? - stacyt626
  • We planted this dogwood tree YEARS ago. I've been impatiently waiting for it to grow tall enough to block that window (the brutal summer sun). It was FINALLY getting there and our gardeners came last year and TOPPED it. :{ Now it is half as tall. I just want you to know that SAD story. ;)
  • Stacy, we can suspend you a loft bed up there but actually that is our 2 story entry. So it's just a big ol wasted space of high ceiling. But I like the idea of a loft bed there. ;)
  • This is Aaron's bedroom. The one with the blue walls & beadboard. (With plaid bedding). :)
  • Our living room. I need Candace Olsen to come do something with it because I can't figure it out. :-/
  • Don't be fooled. Just because there are lots of windows doesn't mean the light is "good." This house has stinky light. :-/

68/365: House (Cheating)

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So I'm cheating because it's been a long day (sick kid home for day 3 from school) and I didn't get out my camera.

To make a LONG STORY SHORT (understatement) we are not going to build on that lot. The builder basically backed out of the deal we'd originally struck and we weren't willing to play by his rules so we basically came to a stalemate and let each other go.

So we will continue to live in our current house until God brings along the right place for us. We are not in a hurry. And we aren't sad (so don't worry about that). We are content to let this all work out the way that will be best for us. :) So now you're up to date.

  1. AshbyH 61 months ago | reply

    I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. And way to stand your ground. Buyer's remorse would have been much worse.

    And PS, your house is beautiful!

  2. kristin_madeja 61 months ago | reply

    Well, God has a plan. Glad you are in a good place regarding everything. it is definitely a situation that could be very frustrating or disheartening. It will be fun to see what happens next.

  3. Lisa Heuer 61 months ago | reply

    good for you! It is hard to work through these kinds of things but it seems like you are ok and doing good. Its a good house that you have!

  4. photogMichelleB 61 months ago | reply

    that's too bad! I agree with Ashby...things happen for a reason

  5. cindyrobbins1 61 months ago | reply

    ok things to happen for a reason, big believer in that.. but your home is GORGEOUS !!!

  6. stacyt626 61 months ago | reply

    i still feel bad for you but you're right, things happen for a reason!! you have a beautiful home.

  7. michelle.the.last.nameless. 61 months ago | reply

    So maybe this will be the catalyst for husband caving and letting us get a dog... to ease the disappointment. ;) hahahaaa!!!

  8. jules heart 61 months ago | reply

    Beautiful house! I can see why you are content. You even have green things in your yard!?!

  9. Ginger Snaps! L ann 61 months ago | reply

    aw, well good for you guys standing firm. that can be very tough. And you get to stay put with all of your memories and stories...is a gorgeous house!!

  10. Jill in AZ 61 months ago | reply

    I tell you what, I wouldn't be crying a river if I had to live in that home. It's G-ORGEOUS. And Annabelle will be so jealous to know that you have an RV. She asked if we could get one, and i said that they are expensive, and she said that when she's old enough to babysit, she would pitch in her money to buy one. Because she wants to be able to walk around while a vehicle is moving.

    Those giant windows are delicious. We don't get those too much around here because of how STINKING HOT it gets.

    That's it. We're coming to visit. We'll stay in your RV

  11. michelle.the.last.nameless. 61 months ago | reply

    Jill... We used to have an RV. We sold it last year. It was fun. But I much prefer hotels at this point. :) I hope Annabelle gets lots of lucrative babysitting jobs. ;) But you can still come and visit! We have a guest room and lots of floor space for kids. ;)

  12. seeheathersnap 60 months ago | reply

    your house is awesome and so is your yard. i'm happy to hear you are at peace with how everything has worked out. :)

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