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The Humming Stalker

I was happily crossing a stream while my tired friends sat on its rocky bank to enjoy the scene that surrounded us when all of a sudden I heard a loud buzzing sound from behind me. My first thought was that I had become a prey to a massive predator who was about tear me up into meaningless and bloody pieces. I heard my friends grasp and I looked up to see their dumbfounded faces so I let out a little piggy squeal and ran to where they were, determined not to become that night's dinner. Later, I learned that it was only a large hummingbird hovering close behind me, probably trying to decide whether or not I had nectar on me.


I decided to recreate that moment, although this photo isn't exactly what I had in mind. Let me know what you think!


It's the Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles tomorrow, guys! If you're in my hood, stop by and join the festivities. It's always fun!


Happy weekend!




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Taken on June 9, 2012