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Evolve - Elsie/The Dozens

....finally got to play with my December Dozens kit!! eeek! Seriously, it rocks..


Elsie had a challenge up on her blog to make a page about how you evolved over the last year...=) It was such a great starting point for my play time tonight...thanks Elsie! All the yummy stuff is from the kit...those lil gingerbread man have teeny faces on them!! and the stars are gold, it's hard to see in the picture...


The journalling (on the back of the giant red cards) says: "Last year I was single and had a yucky ex-boy new years. I was struggling to finish my film. I had no income and only some of my family's support. I had no time to sleep and was wondering at times if my move to Vancouver was the right one. It was a great year of first steps and having faith in myself, though. I learned to go for what I want and to plow through hard work. This year opened my eyes to some true and some toxic people in my life."


...and the second card is reflections on this year: "This year I finished said film and graduated. I learned the software I use everyday at work in one busy month. I got myself out there and finally went out with Z. I fell head over heels in love. I got a job immediatley and kept it stable in an unstable industry. I applied on a fluke and got to fly to France by myself!! I put money toward my student loan. I took chances. I started to share my work. I proved my ideas on relationships wrong. I got married to the boy who is most perfect for me. And my wedding dress was black. (always wanted this, if I was ever to get married...) I proved myself more spontaneous than I thought. I am a teensy bit more domesticated. I'm happier than I've ever been. Wow. What a lucky year! I can only hope to grow and experience every year as I have this one."


Thanks for peeking!! =)

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Taken on January 2, 2008