Symbiotic Distortion
In "Symbiotic Distortion" live performance, Michel Winterberg uses sound sources from electromagnetic interference of everyday devices such as fans, computers and power supplies. With these devices and special microphones he improvises, from granular to repetitive or carrying soundscapes and lets the listeners immerse themselves in a psychedelic noise cosmos.
The electromagnetic fields are made audible to us live by special radiation detectors. "Symbiotic Distortion" does not use a real sequencer, but only the improvised sounds, which are processed with dealy and effect loops and played back partly repetitively.
To intensify the live performance, there are sound reactive visuals that contains self-programmed, abstract, flowing video glitches. Optionally, it would also be possible without visuals.

Michel Winterberg work as a media artist with interactive audiovisual installations such as video and sound installations, mixed media and mechanical works. Since 1991 he has been producing and playing electronic music such as the current "Cosmotecho )))" sound performance and the solo live act "Symbiotic Distortion". His musical roots lie in the techno club music of the 90s.
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