Dream of Master and Slave
Dream of Master and Slave
by Michel Winterberg
Two speaking computers (iMacs), two scanning electromagnetic radiation sensors, network connection

„Dream of Master and Slave“ plays with ambiguity. On the one hand, there is the dream of dominating or submitting to others. On the other hand, it is about the presence of observation, visually through the camera eye and by making the electromagnetic processes of the counterpart audible. The process of being awake and dreaming as well as the interdependence of the machines becomes audible and can be experienced. The visitor gets into this area of tension and becomes a voyeur.

Formally, the master computer commands the counterpart computer (slave) to go into sleep mode in order to be woken up later by a command. After a cycle, the master or slave roles are reversed. The computers talk to one another: "sleep now!" (Master) "thank you master" (Slave) or "wake up!","I am awake, thank you master","you are my master now!","I know my slave" etc. Technically, they communicate directly over a network cable. The computing power is made audible for us by means of electromagnetic radiation sensors (coils). The master computer listens in each case to the slave with the sensing coil and reproduces it acoustically.

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