Argus Eyes
Argus Eyes
Interactive video installation
by Michel Winterberg

Drones are not only part of a speculative future scenario, but an integral (albeit controversial) part of today's automated technological warfare. Future weapons systems are predicted to detect so-called 'high target values' and autonomously destroy them following identification of their specific patterns and signature features. In the scenario sketched out by Michel Winterberg's interactive installation Argus Eyes, anyone taking a stroll outdoors is kept permanently under observation by intelligent surveillance systems. Solar-powered drones with high-resolution cameras register the positions of all moving subjects and transfer such information to data centers for long-term storage. By correlating the viewers' physical movements with the position of the virtual crosshairs, thus locating them within the Google Maps images, they inevitablty become part of this scenario. We are left powerless as we ultimatley find ourselves within an automated elimination procedure; yet, our own position as potential consumers and thus 'collaborators' of future real-time monitoring services is put firmly in sight.
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