«Ursprung» Exhibition – multitouch devices
«Ursprung» Exhibition – multitouch devices

The exhibition info touch table (Microsoft Surface 1.0) and the multitouch painting table (Mindstorm, Aurora) was programmed by Michel Winterberg with vvvv. Especially for the exhibition «Ursprung» which is the diploma thesis of Tian Xia of the Institute HyperWerk, FHNW, HGK. The exhibition from 3. 7. to 17. 7. 2011 in the Galerie Marc de Puechredon, Basel, wants to bring the Tao, Chinese characters and watercolour painting of Wing Kwai Chan, closer to the Swiss native.

Wing Kwai Chan www.artwkc.com

Simon Haenggi, Mindstorm and vvvv support

vvvv.org/contribution/microsoft-surface-plugin by Jens & Cris of wirmachenbunt

Stadtverwaltung Biel - Informatik und Logistik and Mannik Keng, Microsoft Surface 1.0 as a loan
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