Film Photography Studio
Film Photography Studio at Butler Center, Butler, NJ USA

The building was formerly the American Hard Rubber Company.

In 1881 the growing town of West Bloomingdale was renamed "Butler" after Richard Butler, who had taken ownership of the American Hard Rubber Company.

The American Hard Rubber Company buildings (now Butler Center) were built in 1898. On February 26, 1957, the rubber factory was destroyed by a massive fire. One Butler resident remembers the fire being so bright she could read a newspaper in her yard at 3am at a distance of 1 mile. The glow reportedly was visible for 100 miles; volunteer fire companies from 55 municipalities required mutual aid response during the initial hours and then in shifts over the next week. New York City Fire Department, 30 miles away, offered help when observing the bright glow. *

Today, Butler Center (the remaining buildings from the factory) has been converted into an industrial complex housing manufacturing companies including The Film Photography Studio (home of The Film Photography Podcast Internet Radio Show)

* source -,_New_Jersey

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