Red State Socialism

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    Of the 32 states that receive more than they contribute 84% are red states that have voted Republican in a previous presidential election.Chart best viewed at full size.

    Research by Jesse Erlbaum, Design by Michael Pinto

    Data Source:

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    1. Jon Marduk 77 months ago

      Can you elaborate on what basis a state is red or blue? The governor office of Virginia has been occupied by Democrats since 2002. The legislative branch has been a democratic majority for a few years as well.

      I hope your spending data is from 2004, otherwise it is worthless in the comparison.

    2. michaeljamespinto 77 months ago

      Red vs. blue was based on the Presidential race since that's what the term is based on - which was pretty similar between 200 and 2004. For the spending info go to the address. Although the larger reality of the chart is that larger states tend to pay more than they get back, which isn't a bad thing — except that it makes the "socialism argument" not stand up (which is the main point of the chart).

      It's also ironic that Alaska is ranked #3 — and on top of the fed money hey also get a share of the oil revenue which is on national land that belongs to everyone in the US. So Gov. Palin is as close as you can get to being a socialist in any sense of the word.

    3. Master Bob 77 months ago

      On reddit as well, Jerk linked straight to the image though.
      on Reddit

    4. michaeljamespinto 77 months ago

      That's alright w the direct link - I put my name on the graphic anyway!

    5. joefaity 77 months ago

      First off that list would be a lot different if you removed the farm subsidies that the democrats have managed to screw the system up with. Secondly to make a list like that is bogus, you can't declare states red or blue. To quote your picture "84% are red states that have voted Republican in a previous presidential election" that seems a wee bit far reaching to me. Just because a state has voted republican in a previous election doesn't mean that it's red. You're deliberatly misleading people. Have you ever considered that maybe the people who are taking that money are democrats taking money from federal programs made by democrats?

    6. michaeljamespinto 77 months ago

      You're making the incorrect assumption that somehow what the money is being spent on is bad in those red states. There's nothing wrong if a tax payer in New York is paying for a highway in West Virginia. In fact by helping interstate commerce that helps the tax payer in New York at the end of the day.

      But the point is that many states that vote Republican are acting like that isn't the case — or trying to make the idea that federal spending is socialist which is just wrong. So I'm not the one misleading people and the numbers speak for themselves.

    7. drewbic 77 months ago

      I put a link to the Red State Socialism chart on Reddit and it made it to #1 both in the main Reddit and in the politics subreddit (twice). A few hours later it was on Digg. It got over 2500 "upmods" and over 700 comments on Reddit and generated quite a bit of interesting and sometimes insightful discussion. Many thanks!

    8. michaeljamespinto 77 months ago

      That makes me happy!

    9. earthsound 77 months ago

      Interesting eye candy, although I think it would be more accurate to color the states according to their Senators, Representatives, and state legislature, considering those have 1) far more influence over what federal monies come back to their state and 2) are more indicative of their "true colors" than who the majority of the state voted for in the last presidential election.

      Found in a search. (?)

    10. michaeljamespinto 77 months ago

      I'm not opposed to seeing some competition in the chart business! Although I think you'd want to stick with Senators to keep things simple...

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