What's In My Bag?: Election Edition

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    Day 126 - May 7, 2010

    If you recall back when I had all the time in the world, I posted this In My Bag photo. Everything was nice and organized. These days however, with 16 hour work days, little time to eat and even breathe, my bag has ended up a big mess.

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    1. william.gold 60 months ago | reply

      To me both shots look organized lol!

    2. Lel4nd 60 months ago | reply

      U have a lot stuff on ur bag man

    3. Dave DiCello 60 months ago | reply

      So cool! That's a lot!

    4. Y.X.L 60 months ago | reply

      LOL.. how many phones do you need?? We just had our UK elections yday.. there is no clear winner for the first time in decades!!!

    5. abennett23 60 months ago | reply

      so cool

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    6. GioPhotos 60 months ago | reply

      cool bag content. :)

    7. archiescat 60 months ago | reply

      That's ok, I've seen worse; try to get some sleep!

    8. mela.de.gypsie 60 months ago | reply

      lol... my bag is worse... that's why i try to bring as little things out as possible...

    9. Ryan&Remus 60 months ago | reply

      LOL.. your are so wired...so many gargets....
      have a good rest on weekend... don't work so hard ok?

    10. byJosh 60 months ago | reply

      try to breath sometimes, Mike. It helps! :p

    11. jx @_@ 60 months ago | reply

      Well...just called it Organiser bag which contains all the stuff that needs to keep you going.!
      Nice composition!

    12. koalazymonkey 60 months ago | reply

      I want that small tripod !!

    13. pyukie 59 months ago | reply

      weekend = relaxxx :)

    14. photos and tea 59 months ago | reply

      Ha! I love the difference between the two! Such is life - we want to be busy and in demand, then when we are we wonder why we wished for it!

    15. Xingjian 59 months ago | reply

      hang in there Michael :)

    16. Mathew Roberts 59 months ago | reply

      Looks like chaos and a recipe for disaster Mike!

    17. [d:] 59 months ago | reply

      a heavy bag you got!

    18. zyork_ 59 months ago | reply

      lol brand new USB eh =)

    19. teknikulay 51 months ago | reply

      Cool! Saw your pics in www.unplggd.com. :)

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