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Hidden Talent

Day 51 - February 20, 2010


I sing. =D


Not everyone knows that about me since I don't always sing in public, LOL! But when I started listing down things I wanted to share about myself as part of my Boy Behind The Lens Series (we're on Day Five by the way) I knew that my love for music was an important thing about me that I needed to share.


My first solo was at the age three at a Christmas pageant, I sang the song "Away In a Manger". During grade school and high school I would compete in school competitions as well as sing in church. And then when I went to college I fulfilled one of my mom's dreams for me which was to join the UP Singing Ambassadors one of the three award winning chorales in my university.


Since college I have gone on to do other stuff. Currently aside from singing in the shower, in the car, and occasionally at videoke bars during nights out with friends I also sing regularly as a soloist and part of a Christian music group called Musicworx.


Music is a big part of my life. I recognize its role as a universal language of sorts. Whether or not we understand the lyrics to a song, music has its way of transcending these barriers and touch people's hearts with its message. Music can evoke so many kinds of emotions that of sadness and of joy, of love and hate, of togetherness and solace.


My musical inclinations stop at singing though. I don't play any instruments - although I can read notes and play the piano a tad bit though, I got stuck in grade two having trouble when both hands became required. My tastes in music have grown over the years, although I do love ballads, pop, and broadway, I have really opened up and have learned to appreciate other genres. I think being open and experimental like this is the only way that we can truly determine what our preferences are, at the same time it really broadens our horizons and helps us to appreciate a wider range of expression.


Have a great weekend everybody!


Can anyone guess the song on the music sheet? Its a love song in Filipino.


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