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"Bank of UnAmerica" panorama from"Burn Wall Street" installation at Burning Man 2012


The "Burn Wall Street" installation at Burning Man 201 was big, even by Burning Man standards. To say it merely dominated the landscape would be an insult. This panoramic image is an interior shot of only one of four large office-building-sized structures that the installation consisted of. It's a full 360° x 180° image that was originally 350 megapixels but down-rez;'d to 50 mp for sanity purposes. Check it out in full interactive awesomeness on my site here:


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If you want to see more juicy Burning Man photos, check out my panoramic photos -- they're all super-high-rez and interactive so you can zoom in and out and get so close you can almost taste the dust.


My most recent and largest one so far has almost the entire inner playa in one seamless image as seen from OWS. There is also the interior of the Temple of Juno, the iconic Shipwreck at Sunset, the tears-of-homesickness-provoking CoRE projects and Burning Man at Sunrise, the view from the Seattle CoRE project, and even more (way more) on my site at


I'm honored when people use my photos for their computer desktop or in their personal profiles. Go for it, that's why I make 'em. I make a few prints available at cost for friends and family, email me if you'd like one. If you're one of the artists whose work I photographed and want to use the photos, please drop me a line at and I'll get you the files you need at the right resolution. Non-commercial bloggers, I'd appreciate a "yo!" if you want to use the photos on your non-commercial blog. Commercial editorial and print publications, it's in your best interests to contact me well ahead of press date so we can get everything squared away. If you'd like to use the images on a company website, or to sell or promote *anything* at all, just....don't do it. Hire me to shoot for you instead!


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Taken on September 19, 2012