Camp 30
Originally built as a school for delinquent boys, it proved disturbingly simple to convert the campus into a WW2 prisoner of war camp designed to house only the Third-Reich's highest ranking officers—a transformation that required little more than erecting barbed-wire fences along the perimeter.

The camp's isolation and sheer distance from the front lines of the war meant that escape was of little concern and the prisoners were treated to many cultural niceties. Concerts, live theatre, and surprisingly elaborate puppet shows were all commonplace. One POW even went so far as to call Camp 30 "paradise".

This generous treatment stands in stark contrast to the site’s former life as a school for delinquent boys which, as it was later revealed, was plagued with physical, emotional, and sexual abuses.

The compound, having taken on a handful of varied and short-lived ventures after the war, now sits dormant. As suburban life edges closer to this once isolated spot, the remnants of Camp 30's uneasy history may soon be coming to an end.
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