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Shel Israel Parody Puppet Announced Flickr Video For TechCrunch

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  1. Ivan De La Jara 73 months ago | reply

    What camera is this? It looks great!

  2. gabofr 73 months ago | reply

    Well, I like it how I can upload videos to PicasaWeb, this I'm sure I'lll use.

  3. mranallo 73 months ago | reply

    Looks like Vimeo's player did last year.

  4. kosso 73 months ago | reply

    at last! :)

    Now. If they let us have Pro account to *this* too, and if their API is a good as the main Flickr one, I have a shedload of ideas for this ;)

    mu hu hu hu harr... etc :)

    nice one!

  5. Chris and Jenni 73 months ago | reply

    As a long time flickr user,and a pro user, its still not as good as what vimeo offers. I would use it for an event maybe.

  6. WeMeantDemocracy 73 months ago | reply

    i look forward to playing with this

  7. @optikalblitz 73 months ago | reply

    I like the minimalist approach.

  8. Full Circle 73 months ago | reply

    Very cool. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. jopotts 73 months ago | reply

    I'm back to pro for this. Well worth the spondoolies!

  10. corsairstw 73 months ago | reply

    I don't think that this is going to be a YouTube competitor. The limitations on time and having to have a Pro account to upload are very important factors. They may inhibit the success of Flickr video.

  11. Gianluca Platania 73 months ago | reply

    che è sta cagata?

  12. Burrard-Lucas Wildlife Photography 73 months ago | reply

    the first of many videos I'm sure I'll see on flickr!

  13. ♔ @ Nibes 73 months ago | reply

    oh! barnacles! aint it sweet whe he is still. how about snapping some shots while talking?

  14. Chris Abraham 72 months ago | reply

    Why is he naked?

  15. LaurieChristensen2061 56 months ago | reply

    Wow! Yours MVI_1007 is look pretty.Thanks about share.

  16. dofollowuntacticcal000 50 months ago | reply

    Oh do come on now. Miss Piggy would have given a much better rendition and, without letting the cat out of the bag, she would at least have hinted to her target audience, 'The Surprise'!

    Spellbound your followers but do give them a little 'something' to captivate their interest.

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