JUREK PÜTTER / PUTTER - Historical Research Illustrator
This Set is dedicated to the work of Jurek A. Putter, DA (Edin.). Jurek was born in Edinburgh in 1944 to a Polish father.His family moved to St Andrews when he was two and was educated at Madras College there, and at the Edinburgh College of Art (D.A. DES 1966). Having gained experience in historical book illustration, he established the Grafik Orzel Design Studio in St Andrews in 1966 and embarked upon the Historical Research Illustration Project, which remains to this day a unique enterprise.He has been continuously dedicated to restoring the authentic "lost pictorial image of the Scots as a people and a culture", an image which has failed to survive since 1600
See Jurek Putter at:


On SCRAN: www.scran.ac.uk/database/record.php?usi=000-000-597-029-C

AND: www.madras.fife.sch.uk/archive/fpbiographies2/putterj.html

For editions of Jurek Putter's research prints contact him at: 25 Tom Morris Drive, ST ANDREWS Fife KY16 8EW
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