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Keely - 28 of 100 (Explored at 130!)

German class had finished, I had graded a few essays, it was blazing hot outside but it was finally time to go home. As I was riding my bike down the sidewalk next to the pool (I take this route so that I can be misted by the sprinklers) I saw a girl boarding down the sidewalk and I imediatly thought she would be great for my stranger project. Suddenly, she jumped off her board and started trecking through the grass over to the volly ball sand pit. I got off my back and followed her to the bench next to the sand. I felt a bit like a creeper following her but when I asked if I could take her picture for the project she said, "Sure, I am a photographer, I know what is it like to feel like a creeper."

She must have been reading my thoughts. Asker her what her name was, "Keely" she told me then proped her board on the bench and said, "I'll just stand here with my board" and I began shooting.

She told me she has been taking photography classes at the local community college but that when she finished her two years she was going to drop out and move to Hawaii.

"Sounds like a good plan to me!" I said.

We chatted a good bit longer about photography before I continued my ride home. Thank for the chat and for letting me take a few photos. I hope they aren't too disapointing! (It made me a little nervous to photograph someone who probably knows much more about photography than myself.)

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Taken on June 16, 2011