Turn any iPod into an iPod Shuffle in 3 easy steps!

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    The marketing guys over at Apple seem to be really pumping up the "never know whats gonna play next" randomness of the new iPod Shuffle. Since they are promoting this feature so much, saying things like "Daily gridlock feels less mundane when you don’t know what song will play next," I thought I'd put up my guide on how to give any regular iPod the cool new feature of the iPod Shuffle.

    1. Get a Post-It note
    2. Get your iPod
    3. Put the Post-It note on the iPod

    Now you can enjoy the iPod Shuffle's cool new feature without having to go buy a new player. Enjoy!

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    1. gwai ages ago | reply


    2. tgrblck 120 months ago | reply

      a #5 could be "May contain nuts"

    3. thepretenda 115 months ago | reply

      Viewed 161165 times.


    4. r0semary [deleted] 115 months ago | reply


      Literally laughing out loud; hilarious.

    5. Acid Zebra 114 months ago | reply

      Just stumbled across this.

      So let me belatedly say: Brilliant.

    6. boredloser 113 months ago | reply

      I had to drop my ipod thrice for a shuffle.. why didn't I get here earlier!

    7. nov_lau 112 months ago | reply

      what the hell???????

    8. nov_lau 112 months ago | reply

      do ne of u no how 2 put pics in ur ipod????

    9. max.diems 112 months ago | reply

      To put pictures on your iPod

      1. Get a colour iPod (photo, colour 4G, video)
      2. Put the pictures you want into my pictures on WinXP, you may use subdirectories
      3. Update iPod

    10. mr.pug 111 months ago | reply

      could you get closer to no screen by using a hammer

    11. marcusbrown304 108 months ago | reply

      If you havent already bought an ipod and you dont want 2 use your screen b smart and just buy an ipod shuflle and save some money

    12. - Nahum - 108 months ago | reply

      Ya lo hice pero tengo mis problemas

    13. Jeremiaht 105 months ago | reply

      you are so smart, where can I give you money?

    14. D. Rocket 96 months ago | reply

      Yeah I love the way Apple takes a built-in, inconvenient DRAWBACK,
      (ie: NOT having a screen or an ability to choose songs)
      and markets it as a "Useful Feature" to fight daily mundanity!

      What's next?....Scraping the numbers off of your television remote and enjoying the "Wild Adventure of never knowing what channel you'll get next!!!!"

      Or, perhaps putting duct tape over your car's speedometer to "Break up the mundanity of your daily commute to work with the excitement of random Police Interaction!!!"

    15. fleno.de 93 months ago | reply

      What a sense of humor ...it's still make me smile :-)

    16. echomrg 79 months ago | reply

      As you can simply stick you ipod in your pockets or lay it upside down on the table you're clearly working for 3M (makers of post-its) under cover! Shame on you! ;)


    17. Graham.... 62 months ago | reply

      I found exactly the same results can simply be achieved by shutting your ipod in a car door.

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