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PROJECT I II and III more than 1500 HD photos...

My unconditional gratitude to all the people whose photos from the Internet I have used to accomplish this huge and beautiful project (8 Months of work) about Tintin & Milou, with the sole purpose of helping children learn about the countries of the world and their capital cities.

MORE THAN 1500 HD Photo to download for free HERE and at the MHD59 Website.

Maximin Lida or MHD59 brings a sense of versatility about his work from the Metamorphosis chairs collection, hand painted eclectic clock, Japanese lacquered surfboard, contemporary glassware, or oil painting from minimalism to a more complex actual vision.
Graphic Designer and Photographer as well, his philosophy applies to a non-conformist style giving freedom to expression and quality rather than to commercial demand.
MHD59 - Maximin Lida spends most of his time working as an independent artist in many fields, creating art, and since the early 80s has been working with the MAC platform in Graphic Design.